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Field Sales Person

  • The salespersons have to make sales of whatever product or service their company is offering
  • They have to make customers who will buy the products from them on a regular basis
  • The salespersons have to be polite and should be able to speak really well
  • They should be patient and calm as they may encounter some customers who may be rude
  • They should have good convincing skills as they have to convince the customer to buy their product and part with their money
  • The salespersons should maintain a database where they have the contact numbers of clients or even retailers who will buy their products
  • They also have to give the customer discounts and offers in order to make sales
  • They have to take the feedback from the customers so their opinions can be used to further improve the product
  • They have to report to the sales department head and update them about the sales figures
  • Basic knowledge of computer
  • Two years experience in steel sector

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